Salvation Jayne @Quarterhouse Folkestone – 4th October 2019

Salvation Jayne @ Quarterhouse Folkestone 4th Oct 2019
Salvation Jayne @ Quarterhouse Folkestone 4th Oct 2019
Salvation Jayne @ Quarterhouse Folkestone 4th Oct 2019

WORDS and PHOTOS: Luke Yates

It is sometimes very easy to pigeonhole a band or compare them to another. With Salvation Jayne, not only would this be impossible, it isn’t something you’d even consider. They are their own shining entity.  Their show at the Quarterhouse on Friday 4th October was a textbook example on how to entertain a crowd and established them in many new eyes as a unique musical force to be reckoned with.

Chess Smith - Salvation Jayne
Chess Smith – Salvation Jayne

Dan Lucas - Salvation Jayne
Dan Lucas – Salvation Jayne

Salvation Jayne’s music is powerful, memorable and downright enjoyable. Thought-provoking lyrics, mixed with blistering guitar riffs from Holly, solid rhythm from Tor and Dan, and goosebump-inducing vocals from Chess. Listening to them on Spotify is a wonderful experience I would recommend to anyone; watching them perform their music live with such passion takes it to several dozen higher levels, and I would insist you try it soon (perhaps at their gig at the Tunbridge Wells Forum on Halloween!)

The performance was not only a masterclass in music; it set the benchmark for visual entertainment, blistering musicianship interspersed with some fine showpersonship. Examples include Holly walking on stage at the opening wearing a UV bunny mask, Chess striding boldly across the barriers and going to sing with the audience mid-gig, and a glorious confetti-finale! And the blistering rendition of Whorehouse, with special guests Adam and Joe was simply jaw-droppingly magnificent.

Tor Charlesworth - Salvation Jayne
Tor Charlesworth – Salvation Jayne
Holly Kinnear - Salvation Jayne
Holly Kinnear – Salvation Jayne

What is extra-likeable about band members Chess (Vocals/Keyboard), Tor (Drums), Holly (Guitar) and Dan (Bass) is their innate duality. They live in two worlds at one time. On stage, they are rock gods, who clearly know, believe and demonstrate that they are heading for arena-sized greatness (their show would have been equally perfectly at home at Wembley or the O2) and yet offstage and interacting with people, they are decent, humble and treat their fans and peers wonderfully.  I have no doubt that this, combined with their immense talent and passion for their music, is going to carry them all the way to where they want to be.

You can find out more about Salvation Jayne by searching for them on Facebook or going to their website

Their next gig is at the Tunbridge Wells Forum, on 31st October 2019

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